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Montreal Wholesale Video Surveillance Systems - Security, Computers, parts and accessories.  


Security cameras, video surveillance systems and CCTV equipment and accessories.

Computers, computers parts, accessories and service.



Computers are important tools in our daily lives. As a result, we constantly upgrade and build new systems to increase the performance of computers.  

We recognize this reliance on computers, and the necessity for quality components. When MEGA-PC started on 1990, we set a few guidelines about the products we offer: offer quality components that are stable; offer products that have a high customer satisfaction rate; and assemble, configure, and test corresponding products together before we ship them to you. This recipe helps assure that you will receive good products. 

MEGA-PC customizes servers, workstations and PCs, to perform as requested for local area networking, digital studios, animators, computer programmers, scientists, and other businesses. Each client has unique requirements for reliable computer performance.

Our clients are power users upgrading their business machine, members of organizations that have numerous PCs to build, or are designing a home - business system. We help build servers for engineering firms, workstations for medical centers, as well as provide memory for your precocious niece's hotrod. Our most discriminating clients are hardware engineers looking for the best value of newly released hardware. With each product introduction we provide technical information. 

We offer the core components needed to build a reliable system: motherboards, processors, memory, and a few additional components. Our product line includes state-of-the-art motherboards manufactured by AOpen, ASUS, Epox, FIC, Intel, and Micro Star. We are also an Intel Processor Dealer and an AMD authorized reseller; assuring you that your processor is authentic.


MEGA-PC is a privately held organization. We offer essential surveillance systems, cameras surveillance, dvr's, components and accessories. Computer components used in powerful computers and workstations. Our concentration on today's technology allows us to work with each client who has unique requirements for reliable computer performance. Our clients include digital studios, animators, architects, computer programmers, and scientists. 

Over the past fifthteen years we have received a tremendous response from the Internet Community. Even people who don't regularly surf the Internet have discovered MEGA-PC.



Computers are an integral part of our lives. We recognize your reliance on computers, and the necessity for quality components. Our basic guidelines about which products we offer and our testing procedures before we release products help to assure you of their quality. 

We offer select components that are stable; offer products that have a high customer satisfaction rate; and assemble, configure, and test corresponding products together before we ship them to you.

This means that all motherboards, and corresponding products, are tested before they are shipped from our facility. If you order a motherboard, processor, and memory, we will assemble, configure, and test those products together before we ship them to you. If you choose to also order a chassis, then we will mount those products in the case. Whether you are component shopping, upgrading, or designing your new system, our recipe helps to ensure that you receive reliable product.


One objective is to offer stable microcomputer products at reasonable prices. We keep our overhead as low as possible. With the help of UPS we have been able to ship products at extremely competitive rates. 

Computer components and systems are competitive fields. Companies come and go, sometimes faster than new computer parts. We realize the nature of the industry and therefore we watch other major players and make sure that we are in line with them. If you see a price of a company that is lower than ours, you might want to determine if it is a low initial price, a loss leader, the time the company has been in business, and whether it is an authorized and reliable source.



Our objective is to offer current product being shipped by manufacturers at today's market price. In order to do this, we use a just-in-time inventory model. This means that as you order products from us, we bring an item in specifically for your order. When the product arrives at our facility, we assemble, configure, and test your corresponding components before we ship them to you. 

Over the years, we have learned that this model allows us to be the most flexible. Computer components are commodities. Their prices change daily and sometimes even hourly. With this just-in-time inventory model, we are able to offer you products at their current market value. When a new revision of a product is released, we are able to purchase it without having to dump older revisions. When prices drop, we are able to sell the newly purchased products at a lower price.



Every morning we receive cardboard boxes, packing material, plastic containers, and plastic wrap. We try to re-use as much of that packing material as possible. What we can't use, we collect and send to local recycling stations.



We're so confident you'll love our products, we offer 100% satisfaction


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